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My friend Patrick Ray wrote a short about a little robot with a love for fire. Inspired, I drew an illustration for his story on my iPad.  

Bob loved fire. He learned when he was only a hard drive that there was great fun in watching things burn. When ISAAC Industries finished assembling him and gave him workable arms and hands, he decided to make a fire himself. 

Several days later, after the fires had been put out and ISAAC had started building their new manufacturing facility out of fire-proof material, they found they couldn't locate the prototype of the little droid. Bob had left the building.

He got lots of practice setting fires the first few weeks. He'd set them up using all the advanced techniques he'd been programmed to do. This made them sure to burn nice and steady. Bob liked them that way. 

He'd hover on a distant hilltop, gazing upon his work and feeling wonderful. He found the antics of the humanoids fun to watch, as well. They responded with great excitement to the wonderful fire shows he put on for them. It made his sensors smile to know he was performing a valuable service to his creators. Bob was quite the humanitarian.

After a while, he found he was getting more ambitious and he started computing the likelihoods for creating a really big fire. He'd been admiring the stars for quite a while. Bob wondered how they'd been made. And if it could be reproduced.

Written by Patrick Ray
Find more works by Patrick at 

Character design by Patrick Ray.  Here's the image he sketched that I worked from: