8 is Enough

So the day after that snowy photo, the temperature shot back up to the 60s.  What does that have to do with anything?  Nothing really.  I just thought it was kind of interesting.

I've been working on new Slingshot pages but it's a slow process. When I do get a free moment, I sketch a few ideas.  I've been working on some character design and size relationship with Slingshot.  Mainly in comparison to his ship.  

And with all of that, I've found time to draw an octopus.  I like drawing the tentacles and the water is fun to work on too.

click the image to enlarge the picture

This image originally started out with a sort of despondent octopus with teeth.  I was thinking of making a blog story called "The Lonely, Toothy Octopus" but then decided I really need to get to work drawing Slingshot pages.  Maybe nextime.