I love drawing with Adobe Ideas. There are many reasons which make the program perfect for me, but perhaps my most favorite is because it outputs to a vector file.  Most of the other drawing apps have a really limited file size so Ideas works for me because I produce high resolution art on my iPad.  Love it.

This weekend I couldn't find my "digital pen" as I once called my stylus and my wife would not let me live it down.  It makes us both laugh.  So I sat down, sipped my coffee and watched the birds while I finger painted a bear with a city on its back.  Originally, I had plans of drawing miniscule hairs all over the bear which would have taken days but as I outlined the bear with those tiny lines, Ideas began to lag a bit.  I was zoomed all the way in and making marks with a .5 line width, millions of them.  I zoomed back out and began painting the bear black in the same style I did the ground it was walking on.  That seemed to work really well and I like the look better than all of the little lines.  I finished the city, with help from my son who encouraged bigger windows on the buildings, detailed the back ground a bit more and was finished in half the time.  

I took the drawing into Snapseed, a photo app, and added some further texturing and coloring.  Then I brought the drawing back to Ideas, as a photo and added the moon over the texturing.  

Lots of fun!

The Guardian

Adobe Ideas + Snapseed 

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