The Phone Revised


I missed my Saturday post and since my last post was about the soon-to-be defunct Chickenbrigade website I thought I would post on revising my dad's site.  I don't like a lot of fancy, needless clutter on a site, especially my dad's so I kept the revision simple and clean.  Here's a look at the updated home page image of my dad's littlest, and newest dachshund, Simon.

Simon is the inspiration behind many a poem so it only seemed fitting to name my dad's blog, Simon Says.  You know, 'cause it's a journal and the dog is named Simon.  Amiright?!

Ha!  Looking at the two image so close together, the top dog looks as though he's been digging in the dirt!

There are some other changes to the site as well.  I modified the colors, the site title fonts and added a tag cloud so you can see the poems frequent topics as well as read them by topic.  Fun!  I also updated the books page with large, images and details.  Check it out @

I've also been drawing a massive illustration in Adobe Ideas (my favorite drawing app) the past two days and I'll post on that very soon!