Rocks and a Hard Place

I've been super busy lately working on a couple of webstites, vinyl banners, and getting wood for our woodstove.  I wish I were kidding.  It's been soooo dang cold at night we had to cover some our plants in the garden and even bring others inside!  Well, ok, Kate has been taking care of the plants!  

Today I did a drawing for a website involving rocks.  I had an idea of what I wanted the rocks to look like and it turned out just like I wanted.

In addition to drawing rocks I've been thinking about a couple of website ideas.  But I'll talk more about that later.  It's difficult to find time to draw the books I've been thinking about and planning.  

I've been using index cards to plot out Slingshot.  The index cards work really well except for having to carry around a bulk of cards.  After plotting the story, I transfer the plot to my iPad with Adobe Ideas.  In Ideas, I can sketch thumbnails of the pages so I can remember what I was thinking when writing the action on the cards.  I'll post some of the Adobe Ideas pages in the nex day or so!