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Satoshi Kitamura - The Comic Adventures Of Boots

More from the public library!  Who knew they had such great books there?!  Kidding.  Naturally.  With the bulk of my first book done (yay!!!!) I have more time to blahg about the goings on around my studio!  I read, reread and gasped at the beautiful artwork of the Comic Adventures Of Boots by Satoshi Kitamura.  Satoshi's web-presence is next to none himself but the unofficial web site has lots of fantastic Satoshi information.  The Comic Adventures Of Boots is about, well, the adventures of Boots a lazy cat previously featured in A Friend For Boots and Bath-Time For Boots.  The stories and short and funny with careful, pristine line-work that fills the over-sized pages.  Satoshi's watercoloring is also quite amazing and blends seamlessly with the story and art.  I can't get enough of Satoshi's art and really look forward to finding more books by him!  You can find the Comic Adventures of Boots on my side bar at the bottom!

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