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Argghhh!  I've been so busy lately and haven't had much time for drawing.  This has depressed me greatly.  I did a teeny tiny sketch of Bullet at work a few days ago but that's been it.  This evening however, I managed to finish two more drawings for the children's book I've been working on.  Ahhh...feels good to get back in the saddle.  

The boys and I went to a Joseph-Beth bookstore today and I perused some of the children's books I so desperately want.  One of these was Amulet by Kazu Kibuishi.  I read the first book to the kiddos and would love to own a copy (got that one from the library).  Kazu's art and imagination is simply breath taking.  Kazu's website is full of awesome "on-line" comics called Copper (now also available in print) and beautiful giclee prints.  I am going to have to buy a couple prints for my studio!  The imaginative characters and colors are so inspiring and I can't wait to continue some of the books I'm working on!  

Make the time to visit Kazu's site, you won't be disappointed.  Also, you can check out his books on my side-bar too.