Quiet Mornings

I drew a sketch of a Junco this morning.  I was sitting at our dining room table, enjoying my coffee and watching the birds at the feeder.  We also had TWO red-headed woodpeckers in our yard!  I had never seen one before and had to use the Birds Of North America book to find out what they were!  Very cool!  I was in the midst of drawing the Junco so I couldn't switch over to the woodpecker.  The Junco was much closer to the house too.

My boys also got out their drawing supplies and spent a nice quiet morning drawing knights and graphic novels! This is a picture of Avery drawing in his sketchbook.

And this is a picture of a knight he drew this morning with me.  Click the image for a larger look.

And finally, my Junco sketch!

Click the image to enlarge. 

I'll post some images from Julian's graphic novel soon too.  It's very cool and features lovely artwork and story telling!